Friday, December 19, 2008

Humming Noise Louder But Maybe Will Help Identify?

Wednesday, Dec 17, 3:00 PM:

The low-frequency humming/vibration noise was very intense at this time. It was so loud inside that it prompted a walk around the neighbourhood in the afternoon to see if it could be located outside. The noise was evident outside, but it was difficult to discern precisely where is was coming from. A one-hour walk until about 4:00 determined that the noise was prevalent in the Ranchridge Way / Ranchview Road area.

At 8:00 PM, I partnered with the President of the Ranchlands Community Association for another frigid walk outside in this area to see if the two of us might be able to locate the noise. We did isolate an area, outside, where we could hear the noise quite plainly. We were not able to say for certain if the noise was coming from one of the houses we were behind, or whether we were standing in an area where the noise was bouncing and reflecting off of buildings, etc. This was a significant find in our search for this noise's source.

Thursday, Dec 18, 3:00 PM

Outside, in and around our house, the low frequency noise that has been disturbing us was very loud. It sounded like it was "all around" us - a common characteristic of low frequency noise. This characteristic makes it difficult to locate the source of low-frequency noise, too.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hum Noise Beginning July 2008

We noticed a noise that is like a low-frequency hum, or vibration, that began in Ranchlands in July of 2008. We've been living in the neighbourhood since 1998, and in our current house since 2005. Our neighbours to the left and to the right of us have heard the noise, too. All of us have reported the noise to our Alderman's Office.

Sometimes the noise is very loud, sometimes it's soft, and sometimes it's completely inaudible. It's been loud enough to drive us out of the house and keep ourselves and visitors awake at night.

Suggestions have been made that this noise is similar to the "Taos Hum": a hum sound that is indeterminate. Anything is being considered as a possibility. However, the noise seems localized to the location of our house and our neighbour's houses on either side of us. Across the street, in our neighbour's house, there is no humming/vibrational noise. Articles on the "Taos Hum" and similar phenomenon seem to suggest that in those instances, the noise is noticed in a broader area than ours. But, anything is certainly possible.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Unidentified Noise In Calgary

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