Monday, April 6, 2009

Noise Proving More Than April Fools

The noise was thankfully absent for most of March in Ranchlands. However, it started again, with renewed power, in the last week of the month and has been plaguing us continually ever since.

Two changes that coincide with the resurgence of the noise are the additional work being done on the condominium building in our neighbourhood, and the lights going on at the new Crowfoot LRT station. These likely are coincidences in and of themselves; but, perhaps the activation of power at these sites may be a clue as to the cause of this bothersome noise.

The Ranchlands Community Association has been gracious in allowing an article on noise problems to run in the community newsletter, the Ranchlands Round Up. The articles have generated considerable response (including the CTV News spot), and prove to be a worthwhile way to communicate with the community.

Members of other communities have been following the articles, too. Members of communities from other Northwest neighbourhoods, neighbourhoods in the SouthEast and in the SouthWest are reporting seemingly identical noise problems as the low-frequency one we are dealing with in Ranchlands. Are they related?

Anyone from other neighbourhoods who are interested in generating a community response may well consider contacting their respective community organizations. There may be more people out there having to deal with similar noise problems that we are not aware of. It would be good to hear from as many people as we can.

Those interested in running an article in their neighbourhood newsletters who would like some advice, feedback, or a friendly word on how to do so, feel free to be in touch - Help, or at the very least an empathetic ear, is just a couple clicks away.