Monday, September 27, 2010

Mysterious Hum Recording

We have been receiving inquiries about the upcoming meeting regarding the Ranchlands Hum, also called the Noise.

At Wednesday's meeting people who attend will have the opportunity to hear an actual recording of the hum.

Our team has eliminated a number of possible sources and have a few promising leads to pursue that require a partnership with the City of Calgary.  During this past year, Dr. Epstein used her survey to try to determine how wide-spread the hum was within Ranchlands. That survey has not only helped give us our leads, but also identified that there were several noise sources producing hums of different character.  

A positive is that because of her survey, Richard Patching's expertise and Terry Avramenko's support along with that of the Ranchlands Community Association, we were actually able to track down sources of noise in the community.  However, we are still pursuing the hum that started all this.  We haven't found that, yet.

The meeting starts at 7:00 PM, at the Ranchlands Community Centre, on Ranchlands Blvd in Calgary. All interested people are welcome to attend.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Open Invitation: Ranchlands Community Association Annual General Meeting

The Ranchlands Community Association would like to extend an open invitation to attend their AGM on WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 7:00 PM at the Ranchlands Community Centre.

The Noise Topic we have been pursuing these last two years will be on the agenda.

We encourage as many of you to attend as possible. This is a civic election year. That being the case, we may be able to get the City of Calgary to give this issue the attention it requires. Your support will go a long way to helping this happen.  To date, the City and our Alderman's office has done little to assist us in finding a solution to this problem.  

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Best Regards,
D. Negrey

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Noise Log

Greeting All,

We hope this message finds everyone in good spirits as we begin August.

We would like to request two things from everyone suffering from the Noise problem, please:

1. A request for you to start a "Noise Log".
This could be a calendar, free from places like Co-Op, on which you simply write down the time of day and the level of the Noise. For instance, this morning I noticed at 11:00 AM the Noise was moving between a 5/10 - 6/10. On my calendar, I wrote "11 AM: 5/10-6/10". If you do not notice anything on a given day, simply leave it blank.

2. Sharing how things have been at your place lately.
Please write this down on your Noise Log in addition to emailing the group.

We need the comparative anecdotal data because it's not possible for us to have electronic monitoring devices running simultaneously at a number of locations. We're also overwhelmed trying to compile data from various respondents who contact us through email with daily observations. There have been a couple strong leads surfacing these last few months & your Noise Log will go a long way to helping us pursue these.

Looking forward to hearing back from everyone!

Take Care,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beginning of Summer Update

Here it is, the start of another summer . . . and, a Noise that continues to be heard in and around our neighbourhood. There continues to be readings done, and reports coming in, but the work is slow.

There is no funding for the work being done. A team of investigators would likely give us the data needed in a short period of time. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not have access to such resources.

A sincere "thank you" to the tireless volunteers who are involved with this search and for the support of the Ranchlands Community Association. Thank you also to the people who've found this blog and/or have contacted us. With any luck, together, we'll be able to resolve this issue sooner rather than later.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February Observations

An interesting observation to share:

There was work taking place on the water system within a block of our house for almost a week. During that time, the Noise abated. Upon the work's conclusion, the Noise returned. During these last two weeks of February, the Noise has been extremely loud. A common time for high intensity loudness appears to be 3:00 AM. A few people in and around our neighbourhood are reporting identical occurrences.

The Ranchlands Noise Investigation team recently met. The Noise is proven to exist, with recordings and scientific data supporting its presence. The Team of volunteers continues to collect data and invites people being bothered by the Noise, or similar sound, to please be in touch with us.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Hum Site to Explore

There is a site I recently came across. The site appears to have been put up by people being bothered by many of the same things in their locale as here in our neighbourhood.

The site can be accessed at:

I am struck by the number of similarities they are experiencing. I hesitate to claim they are dealing with the same problem we are in Calgary. However, it is very good food for thought. If anyone takes some time to read the site, and has some observations, they would be most welcomed.

The Noise is very, very LOUD

It's the early morning hours of Saturday, Feb 13, 2009. My ears are frosty cool, as is my nose. I have been walking around my neighbourhood the past 45 minutes, trying to locate the Noise that has been keeping me up all night.

The Noise has been extremely loud in our house tonight. Normally our furnace fan drowns it out. Not tonight. The Noise started about 8:30 PM and hasn't let up. The intensity is so great that I can hear the sound through my pillow, almost as if there was a speaker attached to it, pumping the sound into my ear.

The Noise is clearly, without question, easily audible outside this morning. The level of intensity, or volume, is the same standing in our kitchen as it is standing at our back gate.

I walked around the neighbourhood, trying to isolate a direction for the Noise's source. I wasn't successful. The Noise sounds like it is literally being produced 360-degrees of where ever I stand.

Now, I was able to make some specific observations:

- all of the green power boxes along our alley, and up one of the alleys form us are buzzing at a high intensity.

- the Noise diminished somewhat when I was walking in front of the houses, on the sidewalk, alongside the street.

- When I walked in the alley, the Noise intensity was strong. The Noise intensity tonight was strongest standing behind my house and my neighbour's place in the alley, and in my backyard.

- The Noise has been very loud these past 4 days. This is in contrast to the week before, when the Noise was not that loud.

- Coinciding with the Noise becoming louder, lights began to flicker in many of our fixtures. In fact, one night, last, around 2 AM, the lights flickered, the power was off briefly, then the Noise was present with a strong intensity.

- My neighbour and I are noticing similarities in the Noise, almost to the minute, without being physically in the same place as each other, or being in direct contact with each other at the moment the Noise is loud/starting/stopping.

Living with this is getting more and more difficult. If anyone reading this has expertise they can offer or research on this phenomenon, please pass it along. If anyone reading this is responsible for causing the Noise and for disturbing so many people . . . please stop!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Article for the February Ranchlands Round Up

The Noise Investigation in Ranchlands slowly continues. "Thank you" to the people who have taken the time to fill out and return the Noise Questionnaire to Dr. Epstein. There have been over 100 respondents to date, with approximately ten percent of respondents identifying a Noise problem at their residence. Residents who would still be interested in submitting a Noise Questionnaire are most welcome to do so.

Some Ranchlands Community residents recently have noticed a Noise problem evolving during the last few weeks. If a similar situation develops at your home, please contact the Community Association at (403) 241-0335 or via email at