Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Ranchlands Hum still plagues a number of residents. Happily, the City of Calgary is willing to help seek a resolution to the problem. The Noise Investigation Team, in conjunction with the City, wants to intensify the search efforts.

The first step in this direction is for the team to work with Calgary Water Works. The team has learned there is an auxiliary pumping station near Ranchlands that may or may not be a contributing factor to the Noise.

Water Works has said they are willing to arrange at test whereby they would shut the pumps down and see if the Noise goes away. In order for this to work, people affected by the Noise would have to be home and listening, shut things off and on in their individual homes and report any changes.

The team would like to hear from any Ranchlands residents interested in participating with this phase of the investigation. Once the team determines how many participants they are, arrangements will be made with Calgary Water Works. The time and date of the test will be made available soon afterwards.

Please contact the team either through the Ranchlands Community Association at 403-241-0356 or via email at