Monday, August 3, 2015

Mobile Phone App for Hum Search

Dr. Mike Smith and Adrien Gaspard of the University of Calgary began work on a mobile phone app intended to help identify and locate the Mysterious Ranchlands Hum.  Orchisama Das of Jadavpur University, India has been extending work on the app.  Their work has recently received considerable media attention.  The links to the various articles and broadcasts are included below:

Calgary Herald (July 27, 2015): Researchers develop app to record Ranchlands hum

CTV Calgary Evening News (July 28, 2015): Researchers hope to get a handle on hum in northwest neighbourhood

CBC Calgary News at 11 (July 28, 2015): Mobile Phone App to Assist in Solving Ranchlands' Hum Noise Nuisance (at approximately 8:25)

CBC Calgary Eyeopener (July 29, 2015): Ranchlands hum app

CHQR News Talk 770 (July 29, 2015): follow this link, select Audio Date = July 29, select Audio Time = 4 pm, skip to approximately 48 minutes 

Schulich School of Engineering (July 30, 2015): on Facebook, linking to Calgary Herald articles and inviting comments 

The University of Calgary has set up a web page to assist with Dr. Smith and Orchisama's work:
This is intended to be a useful resource for the hum investigation.

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